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Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union continues to focus on providing members with the most competitive loan rates and products available. We believe in "Building Financial Relationships One Member at a Time" by delivering fast, friendly and personalized service that fits your lifestyle.


  • Affordable Payments
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Payment Protection
  • Convenient Payment Options
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty
  • GAP Options
  • Extended Warranties Available!

Let us help you lower your monthly payments today by contacting a Financial Service Officer for a free financial check-up!

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New & Used Autos

With so many different car loan options available today, buying a car can be confusing and frustrating. You can be pre-approved for your next vehicle purchase! This gives you buying power at the dealership and provides peace of mind. ACFCU offers great rates with flexible terms that will compete with any other program. Finance values are determined by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA).

Having trouble getting a car loan because of bad credit history and a lower credit score? At ACFCU we pride ourselves on helping you improve your credit score so you can get into the car you want. Call us today for your free credit score checkup!

Apply now at any of our branches, by phone at 800-378-3778, or apply online:

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Recreational Vehicles

ACFCU offers new and used Motor-homes, boats, ATVs, Jet Ski's and motorcycles under 800ccs as well as other recreation vehicle loans with a variety of terms and competitive rates.

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Loan Protection

ACFCU members need loan protection to provide peace of mind in the event that the unexpected occurs.

Life Protection

The protection available for both the primary borrower and co-borrower.

Disability Protection

The protection available for both the primary borrower.

Involuntary Unemployment Protection

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)

GAP helps cover the difference between the actual cash value of the vehicle (primary insurance company settlement) and the outstanding loan balance at the time of loss.

Benefits to the Borrower:

  • Cost to borrower is minimal
  • Helps eliminate "out-of-pocket" expense for remaining loan balance after loss settlement.
  • Helps protect credit rating
  • Helps borrower to purchase replacement vehicle
  • The borrower is eligible for the $1,000 GAP Plus Enhanced Benefit if the collateral is deemed a total loss and they finance their replacement vehicle with ACFCU within 90 days from the GAP claim being processed

Personal Loans

Personal loans are available to be used for whatever you desire. Perhaps you're ready to take your dream vacation or want to reduce your monthly bills, consolidating them into one convenient payment. A low rate personal loan may be the right answer.

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Ready Ca$h Loans

Enjoy the security of knowing cash is available for those unexpected expenses that come along. The Ready Cash Loan is a personal line of credit up to $5,000 that can also be used in conjunction with your checking account to assure that inadvertent overdrafts are automatically covered. With an established credit line, you don't have to do a new loan application each time you need to borrow.

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Share & Term Share Certificate Loans

If you need to establish credit or you need to make a purchase without using your savings or incurring a penalty for early withdrawal from a share certificate, a  certificate secured loan from ACFCU is a great option. With a share or term share certificate secured loan, you may borrow against your savings at ACFCU and receive a low-rate loan while still earning interest on your deposits.

VISA® Platinum Choice Credit Card

We Can Save You Some Time and Money! The ACFCU VISA® Platinum Choice Card can be used for everyday life, purchase groceries, travel, order on-line with security and ease and anything that comes your way.

  • No Annual Fee
  • No Balance Transfer Fee
  • No Cash Advance Fee
  • Earn Points for Purchase
  • FREE Online Payment Options
  • No Minimum Finance Charge
  • Access your transactions and balances 24/7 thru MyACFCU Virtual Branch

If you don't have an ACFCU VISA® Platinum Choice Card in your wallet, Click Here! to apply today or call 800-378-3778.

To report a lost or stolen card or to activate your ACFCU VISA Platinum Choice Card dial 1-800-378-3778 Option #4, anytime 24/7.


Welcome to the ACFCU Home Loan Center. Are you looking to purchase a home? Are you interested in refinancing your existing mortgage? We invite you to discover what other members have come to enjoy and expect from our home loan professionals. You will experience outstanding personal service, exceptional financial solutions, and a dedicated commitment to identify the mortgage that's right for your specific situation.

In today's economic environment, home loan options are constantly changing. Therefore, it is more important than ever to find a mortgage professional who will take the time to listen to your needs, discuss all of your options, and help you find the best program.

With over one hundred years of combined experience, Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union's mortgage professionals will help make buying or refinancing simple and enjoyable. We will meet with you at your convenience because we value your time.

If you are interested in a tailor made program and are looking for exceptional mortgage expertise, please call us today at 423-230-2600 for a personalized, no obligation consultation or to obtain a free pre-approval within 24 hours.

We offer a wide variety of mortgage loans to include:

    • FIXED RATE LOANS -10, 15, 20 , and 30 year fixed mortgages are available with up to 97% financing when eligibility is meet.
    • ADJUSTABLE RATE LOANS- ARM, offer short term fixed rate options amortized over 15- 30 yrs. Some ARMS programs can adjust annually after the initial upfront term while other may only adjust every 3-5 years.
    • CONSTRUCTION – We are interested in helping make your dreams come true building a home. Our construction loan is structured for a 12 month interest only period. We have construction loans which mature in 12 month. We also offer Construction to Permanent loans with only one closing.
    • FHA – Federal Housing Administration, 3.5% down payment, allows up to 6% seller concessions to apply to buyers closing cost/prepaids, Gift funds are allowed. Maximum Loan to Value is 96.50%
    • VA LOANS – Veterans Administration, offers no down payment= 100% financing, low closing cost, allows up to 4% seller concessions to be applied to buyers closing cost/prepaids.
    • USDA –Rural Housing Guaranteed program, up to 100% financing available in eligible areas, allows up to 4% seller concession to be applied to buyers closing cost/prepaids
    • THDA – Offered in combination with insured loans through FHA, VA, USDA and conventional loans. THDA mortgages are intended for low and moderate income homebuyers. A borrower's household income cannot exceed certain limits. The income limits are based on the size of the household and county in which the property is located. Grants available up to 4% of purchase price to be applied to down payment and closing cost. Seller concessions are acceptable based on program guidelines. First time home buyer may apply, or buyer cannot have owned property in the last 3 years.

Appalachian Community Title Company

21 Reasons For Title Insurance


  1. A fire destroys only the house and improvements. The ground is left. A defective title may take away not only the house but also the land on which it stands. Title insurance protects you (as specified in the policy) against such a loss.
  2. A deed or mortgage in the chain of title may be a forgery.
  3. A deed or a mortgage may have been signed by a person under age.
  4. A deed or a mortgage may have been made by an insane person or one otherwise incompetent.
  5. A deed or a mortgage may have been made under a power of attorney after its termination and would, therefore, be void.
  6. A deed or a mortgage may have been made by a person other than the owner, but with the same name as the owner.
  7. The testator of a will might have had a child born after the execution of the will, a fact that would entitle the child to claim his or her share of the property.
  8. A deed or mortgage may have been procured by fraud or duress.
  9. Title transferred by an heir may be subject to a federal estate tax lien.
  10. An heir or other person presumed dead may appear and recover the property or an interest therein.
  11. A judgment or levy upon which the title is dependent may be void or voidable on account of some defect in the proceedings.
  12. Title insurance covers attorneys’ fees and court costs.
  13. Title insurance helps speed negotiations when you’re ready to sell or obtain a loan.
  14. By insuring the title, you can eliminate delays and technicalities when passing your title on to someone else.
  15. Title insurance reimburses you for the amount of your covered losses.
  16. A deed or mortgage may be voidable because it was signed while the grantor was in bankruptcy.
  17. Each title insurance policy we write is paid up, in full, by the first premium for as long as you or your heirs own the property.
  18. There may be a defect in the recording of a document upon which you title is dependent.
  19. Claims constantly arise due to marital status and validity of divorces. Only title insurance protects against claims made by non-existent or divorced “wives” or “husbands.”
  20. Many lawyers, in giving an opinion on a title, protect their clients as well as themselves, by procuring title insurance.
  21. Over the last 24 years, claims have risen dramatically.

We Hope You Never Have A Title Claim

Americans have the future in mind when they buy a house, and they purchase homeowners insurance to help protect that future. But with home-ownership comes the need to protect the property against the past, as well as the future.

Title insurance protects a policyholder against challenges to rightful ownership of real property, challenges that arise from circumstances of past ownerships. Each successive owner brings the possibility of title challenges to the property.

When you purchase real property, rely on Fidelity National Title to protect your interests. You’ll be insured by a company backed by a long history of successful title operations.

Rely On Fidelity National Title To Protect Your Investment

Every owner, purchaser and beneficiary, whether by a deed or contract, should have an insured title. The entire investment depends upon the quality of the title. If you are buying real estate mortgages, you are paying for a good title and you should see that you have one. If either fire insurance or title insurance is omitted, your security is not complete.

Our title property protects you against unforeseen defects in title that an abstract or the public records do not show and cannot show…nor any attorney’s opinion includes.

We Invite You to Call Today

Jack Page, Underwriter



Appalachian Community Title Agency, LLC (ACTA) is an independent agency offering title insurance underwriting services. While ACTA’s offices are located in certain branches of Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union, ACTA’s title insurance products are not sold by, or products of, Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union and are not insured by any federal agency. Acceptance of title insurance products through ACTA will not affect or influence a member’s loan decision, rate, or terms with Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union.


Home Loan Center Professionals

Rachael Carroll
Racheal Carroll
AVP of Real Estate Lending, NMLS# 103095
423-378-2806 (direct) 423-340-1280 (cell)
  • Over 18 years experience in real estate lending
  • Certified mortgage consultant
  • Specializing in jumbo mortgages
  • Licensed in Tennessee and Virginia
  • Certified USDA/Rural Development. THDA, VA and FHA

Penny Pavitt

Penny Pavitt
Home Loan Originator, NMLS # 779477
423-378-2824 (direct) 423-470-9659 (cell)


  • Over 15 years of real estate market experience
  • NMLS Certified
  • Licensed in Tennessee and Virginia
  • Certified USDA/Rural Development. THDA, VA and FHA


Ronnie Doss

Ronnie Doss
Home Loan Originator, NMLS# 272671
423-230-2605 (direct) 423-416-1768 (cell)



  • Over 15 years experience in real estate lending
  • Certified mortgage consultant
  • Construction loans and construction permanent loans
  • Licensed in Tennessee and Virginia
  • Specializing in mortgages and equity lines of credit


Haley Burleson
Mortgage Servicing /Construction Specialist
423-378-2847 (direct)



Homebuyers Education Workshop

Learn to navigate your path to home ownership at The American Dream workshop, a homebuyer education program. Come and learn to budget, shop and secure a loan for your new home!

Dates and Locations

March 20th, 2014 in the community room at our Gray location-Bobby Hicks Highway, Suite 2 Gray, TN 37615.


Coming Soon in 2014