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Holiday Memories are Calling!

Skipping a payment allows you to use your extra funds for traveling, gifting, and making memories with your loved ones this holiday season.  

How Skip-A-Payment works:

  • Click here and enter your loan info to see which loan(s) qualifies.*‚Äč
  • Call our Member Service Team at (800) 378-3778, email or visit one of our branches.  We’ll be happy to help!
  • You may choose to skip a payment for November 2022, December 2022, or January 2023 based on your eligibility.

*For Visa Credit Card Skip-A-Payment inquiries and to apply, please call us at (800) 378-3778 or email

Things to know: 

  • When you skip a payment, your loan term is extended by one month which can increase the total interest you pay over the life of your loan.
  • Interest will continue to accrue on your unpaid balance on a daily basis, resulting in a greater amount of your next payment applied toward interest.
  • Skipping a payment may reduce the benefit from disability, life and/or GAP insurance by the amount of the skipped payment.
  • The cost to skip a payment is $35 per eligible loan.

Apply for Skip-A-Payment Today!

*To apply for Visa Credit Card Skip-A-Payment, call 800-378-3778 or email Terms and Conditions apply. By participating in the Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union Skip-A-Payment promotion, you agree to the following: You are a member in good standing. You continue to be responsible for the entire outstanding balance and interest. You will be responsible to continue to make the monthly payment(s) until the full balance and interest is paid. You understand your next regular payment will be due on the scheduled payment due date following the month you have elected for the Holiday Skip-A-Payment. ACFCU must receive your Skip-A-Payment application prior to the due date of the payment you are electing to skip. Applications received after the payment due date will not be honored. If you have an electronic transfer set up from another financial institution, you must contact that financial institution to suspend the payment for the skipped month. The cost to skip a payment is $35 per eligible loan. Offer expires January 31, 2023.