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"Calling All Stories" - Billie

We are thrilled to be celebrating 90 years of The Appy Way in 2022! In celebration, we want to hear your ACFCU stories and share them with our members and community! 

For this installment of Calling All Stories, we have a story from ACFCU Member Billie:

“I've been a member since ACFCU came to our area (Norton), and I've loved banking with you guys. I’ve had car loans through you and my home loan through you as well. The story I want to share though is about an account I opened for my niece prior to her going off to college. I was looking for something to teach her financial security, but also so I'd have the ability to quickly get money to her if needed. Of course, I found just what I was looking for at ACFCU!!

But there's more to the story... when she first received her new debit card from this account I set up for her I explained to her about balances and to be sure to check and make sure she had money before making purchases, etc. Either I did not explain this thoroughly enough or as a teenager she just didn't listen, but sure enough she overdrafted - by A LOT! I called our local branch and explained I needed it set up so she could not overdraft. If she attempted to use the debit card and funds were not there it simply would not work. They fixed this right away for us! I'm so thankful for a local branch that cares, listens, and is there when I need them.” – ACFCU Member Billie L.

Would you like to send us your story? Tell us how ACFCU has impacted you! Don’t forget to send a photo! We look forward to sharing these stories with our members and local media.

Stay tuned for updates about the special celebrations we are planning for our 90th Anniversary, as well as exciting news about our next 90 years and beyond!