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"Calling All Stories" - Jessica

We are thrilled to be celebrating 90 years of The Appy Way in 2022! In celebration, we want to hear your ACFCU stories and share them with our members and community! 

For this installment of Calling All Stories, we have a story from ACFCU Consumer Lending Manager Jessica:

“I want to share a story about our amazing Consumer Loan Team.  Our long-term members Scott and Teresa were shopping for a new RV and had been pre-approved for the purchase. Late one evening at closing time they called our team stating they had found the perfect unit, but the dealer was out-of-state and wouldn't let them take the unit without payment.

The members had traveled many hours and were disheartened they would have to make a second trip to finalize the deal. Ashleigh, Morgan, and Sally stepped up to the plate, stayed late, and exceeded the members expectations by completing the loan documents and working it out with the dealership to overnight the check. This allowed the members to take the RV home that night. We saved them time, saved them money, provided convenience and peace of mind to our members.

To show their appreciation, the members brought a delicious cake and personalized thank you cards to each person that went the extra mile to provide excellent service. They stated it was the ‘best customer service experience they have ever had, anywhere.’ This is what sets ACFCU apart - our people and the relationships we build with our members!” – ACFCU Consumer Lending Manager Jessica H.

Would you like to send us your story? Tell us how ACFCU has impacted you! Don’t forget to send a photo! We look forward to sharing these stories with our members and local media.

Stay tuned for updates about the special celebrations we are planning for our 90th Anniversary, as well as exciting news about our next 90 years and beyond!