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Attention Homeowners

If you have an ACFCU home loan, be wary of official-looking solicitations from companies that appear to be directly associated with us. The mailings may include a message such as “we have been trying to reach you regarding a matter of importance related to your mortgage.” They may even reference ACFCU in bold, but with a very small disclaimer indicating they are “not affiliated with your current mortgage company.” Please be advised these are not mailings from ACFCU.

Here’s how it works. From public records filed for a mortgage, businesses can get a consumer’s address and other personal information, such as the name of the mortgage lender. Then, legitimate businesses (or unscrupulous scam artists) send solicitations after the mortgage has closed, leading some homeowners to believe it is a necessary business communication and not an advertisement.

If you receive any communication that appears to be from us or references your accounts with ACFCU and you are unsure if it is legitimate, please contact us directly at (800) 378-3778 or stop by any branch.  We are happy to help you separate fact from fraud!